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Affordable Preschool &
Remote Learning Center for Grades 1-7

Located in North Syracuse, NY, our Preschool & Remote Learning Center are committed to caring and supporting your family with love and learning.
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State Of The Art Facility

Every space is clean, functional, colorful and equipped with the latest technology to create great learning environments.

Primary Location

For our neighboring families to find the most hospitable, affordable, professional & secure care available.

Qualified Teachers

Qualified and loving teachers who receive ongoing training to continue to provide the best care for your children.

A Curriculum to Encourage

Real life applications for kids on character development, reading/math, art & music, science/social studies, and cognitive & physical development.

Kid Central CNY

Kid Central CNY offers a quality Preschool Program for children ages 3 & 4. As soon as your child turns 3 + potty-trained you can sign them up!

Kid Central CNY offers a quality Remote Learning Center for Grades 1-7 children to help support you while you work!

Kid Central CNY offers a quality School Break Day Camp to help support you while your kids are on break but you’re not!

Pricing Options

Advanced Payment (Remote Learning Center ONLY) & Multiple Child discounts are available

Preschool Program

2021-2022 School Year

3 Year Olds3-Days M-W-F 9:00a-11:30a$189/month/child

3 -or- 4 Year Olds5-Days M-F 9:00a-11:30a$249/month/child

Grades 1-75-Days M-F 7:30a-4:30p$40/day/child

Grades 1-74-Days M – Th 7:30a-4:30p$55/day/child -or- $200/4-day week/child

Need more information before enrolling? Fill out the More Information form and a member of our Kid Central CNY team will walk you through your next steps.

KC CNY is a not-for-profit organization and operates solely on tuition paid by parents.

Preschool Program


Office Hours: 9:00a – 4:30p

9:00a – 11:30a

7:30a – 4:30p